The Pastoral Center/Parish Office remains closed. We will continue to work remotely and will respond to all calls and emails
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Fr. Sergio Mena Mena

(708) 863-1207




Max Montalvo

(708) 863-1207





Juan Valencia

(708) 863-1207



Relgious Ed. Coordinator/Catecismo

Angelica Montalvo

(708) 513-2480



Director of Operations
Rebecca Cornacchia

(708) 863-1207





Office Manager / Bulletin Editor
Sandra P. Sevilla
(708) 863-1207




Elizabeth Gutierrez Haro
(708) 863-1207



We welcome your call or email to any member of our church staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form. 

Sus llamadas o correos electronicos son siempre bienvenidos. O si prefiere puede contactartnos usando la forma de contacto en este sitio.



Office Hours
Hoario de Oficina

Sunday/Domingo CLOSED
Monday/Lunes 8AM - 7PM
Tuesday/Martes 8AM - 7PM
Wednesday/Mié. 8AM - 7PM
thursday/Jueves 8AM - 4PM
Friday/Viernes 8AM - 7PM
Saturday/Sábado CLOSED